Hampton Osprey LLC
Hampton Osprey LLC
Digital Multimedia Specialists with an Expertise in Video Marketing.

Hampton Osprey Marketing Expertise

Hampton Osprey LLC specializes in producing your brand’s video multimedia channel.

To create. To pioneer. To Trust. To Soar Above.


Hampton osprey llc believes in utilizing unique, creative content to promote your brand and drive demand while adhering to brand initiatives. We believe in showcasing the real people behind a business.

Video Marketing Media is able to showcase brand personality.

Consumers want to trust and relate to representatives of the company in which the clients are doing business with.

We take the client/company relationship and create marketing/media platforms to make this relationship personable. We produce new media and place content strategically on various multimedia platforms, including social media, in order to drive the greatest amount of traffic to Web sites and mobile applications.




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"Everywhere we look today in our world we are blinded by division; so much so this nonsensical noise has become accepted in a series of finite categories. We realize we can influence what draws people as clients to companies, because the companies searching for clients are of the same kind; no different. My company believes in the people behind the business. We specialize in opening the multimedia doors to humanize the genuine nature of business executives in order to connect personally to the client. We are not going to stand for a finite lifestyle in a marketplace where creative folks have the experience and knowledge to know these multimedia marketing doors have infinite solutions." - Matthew Michael Raynor Founder/CEO