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"Recent research suggests that cognitive dissonance in regards to monetary matters has the tendency to manifest itself less than before the implementation of creative multimedia relationships between client and business representative."



Osprey's are known for building unique habitats atop artificial monoliths. Osprey Marketing Solutions entails the very characteristics which make up the said bird of prey. To soar above. To be fierce. To be creative. To pioneer. We are visionaries who produce piques of interest. The tune of a tantalizing vibrational twang. To be romantic in the industrial world. The world is your Osprey. We invite you to allow us to bring color to your company.



Founder/CEO Matthew M. Raynor on thriving in new multimedia marketing techniques

Osprey Marketing Solutions believes in utilizing unique, creative content to promote your brand and drive demand while adhering to brand initiatives. We believe in exhaustive interpersonal face-to-face communication and showcasing the real people behind a business.

Technology changes the life in which we go about living. However, personalities remain being the organic, genuine form of communication to alert others of several qualities. Ask yourself what it means to be human in 2017? Analyze and interpret the sheer power of a mass of people connecting through an article, a promotional film -- action that penetrates the limbic system and enters the true universal primal nature of life, to create a feeling of sturdy comfort, allowing a homeostasis where all elements needed to succeed are really another way of showcasing the common denominator of actual survival.  Imagine one trusted a company to the point where upon hearing said rhetoric regarding said business one would not think twice about their confidence in their business relationship. How difficult it can be at times to go through the beuracratic process of, say, sorting misplaced paperwork between clients/business and all of the particular departments one must go through to rectify the situation.


I challenge executives to be more real. Bring the love you share on a holiday with your family to the workplace and watch your personality influence your employees. Real business relationships that are being revealed globally due to the fact that upon communicating through new media, people are viewed as human and not a disconnected caricature. Allow fun. Trust, exhaustiveness, leadership and every quality in which we can relate to in a humanistic approach is displayed.

New media has allowed platforms to showcase personality.

Consumers want to trust and relate to representatives of the company in which the clients are doing business with.

We take the client/company relationship and create marketing/media platforms to make this relationship personable. We produce new media and place content strategically on various multimedia platforms, including social media, in order to drive the greatest amount of traffic to Web sites and mobile applications.


The multitalented Isabel Sandoval and myself take a break from the creative juices flowing while filming a promotional film in Fair Lawn, NJ where a Vice President discusses his outside-of-the-office group philanthropic work and how it is remarkably analogous to directing his team in his office at the insurance brokerage in Marlton, NJ.